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Fire has been an essential part of human survival since the dawn of time. Central to our lives, it has cooked our food and warmed our hearts and homes.

There is no better way to heat your home or bake your food than masonry. Heaters and Ovens are an investment in your home and life that outperform and outlive other appliances by decades, costing much less to operate than their wood and.fossil fuel burning cousins.

Masonry Heater Guide

The radiant heat from a masonry heater is like no other heating source on the planet. Imagine the feeling of warmth on that first spring day when you step out into the sunlight. Now imagine that warmth is in your home, broadcasting its penetrating heat every day through the dead of winter. Once you have a masonry heater in your home, it will become the focal point of your time at home.

Please click the image of the contemporary tile stove above to learn more about the consumer benefits of radiant heat provided by a masonry heater, and how AMHOP members can help those dreams become your reality.

Wood Fired Oven Guide

Nothing brings people together like food cooked over a wood fire. There is something about the smell of smoke, the sound of sizzling meats and bubbling cheeses that draws people to meals cooked with wood. Wood fired ovens have gained a resurgence over the past few decade, and more and more people are installing them in their back yards and homes. There are many different types of ovens and, depending on your needs and usage, AMHOP members can help you pick out the perfect oven for your home.

Please click on the image of the wood fired oven above to learn more about the consumer benefits of a wood fired oven in your home, and how AMHOP members can help you bring wood fired food into your kitchen.

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