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So you’ve got a project in front of you, and the plan calls for a masonry heater or an indoor wood fired oven. What next? What is this thing, how does it work, and how do we make sure that it’s installed safely?
Perhaps your clients are asking for a masonry heater or oven but you don't know the first thing about them. Can your mason install one? How big is it? How long will it take to install? What can we expect from the installation process? What kind of safety record do these things have?

Masonry Heaters and ovens both have excellent safety records. The fire is surrounded in both cases by solid walls of masonry. Different builders use differing grades of material, but in most cases the fire is in the safest container it could possibly be in.

Time of installation varies from company to company, and from style to style. A prefabricated heater or oven kit can be installed by many local masons, and can happen as quickly as a fireplace would to install. A site specific masonry stove that is designed to the shape and output parameters of the project and installed by the stove mason who designed it can take weeks to install. Check our members page to find an installer close to you and start a conversation directly.

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