Basic Masonry Heater Design Calculations Workshop

Brick Masonry Heater

We are pleased to present you with a workshop that will provide an in depth exploration of the application of current “state of the art” masonry heater calculation software developed by the Austrian masonry heater organization Kachelofenverband. This software is potentially applicable to the design of most masonry heaters marketed today.

The workshop will take place in Connecticut from December 7th through December 11th under the sponsorship of the Alliance of Masonry Heater and Oven Professionals (AMHOP).


  • This unique workshop will include class presentations in theory, materials and techniques with an accompanying workbook.
  • The Kachelofenverband calculation software will be studied in depth using a trial version distributed to participants before the class begins. This computer program is a tool which aids in designing internal construction for optimal and predictable high efficiency and low emissions to a given design application. It also provides 3-D modeling of the smoke channel pathway.
  • The “hands on” portion of the workshop will involve honing construction component applications, including combustion air delivery systems such as specialized air inlet components and computer controlled air optimization systems.
  • Determination of draft and chimney specifications will be covered.
  • Sizing of fuel loads, firebox size, combustion air inlet, and heat exchange channels will be covered.
  • Participants will also be able to examine specialized firebrick and other refractory components which allow for different construction applications.

127 North St.
Goshen, CT 06756

Event Dates: 
Monday, December 7, 2009
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Thursday, December 10, 2009
Friday, December 11, 2009
Saturday, December 12, 2009
Start Time: 
10:00 AM
End Time: 
7:00 PM

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Event Recap: 

After 2 days of classroom time where material was reviewed, participants used their new found knowledge to construct a masonry heater using calculation methods presented in the class.

We learned and reflected on the following:

  • With the current “green” building enthusiasm, interest in masonry heater technology is at an all time high, with building professionals as well as prospective consumers. Informed masonry heater design expertise is at a premium!
  • Current regulatory and legislative programs as well as consumer interest are mandating increasingly efficient, clean burning, and verifiable masonry heater designs in North America as has previously occurred in Europe.
  • We in North America have the opportunity to take advantage of the European experience and expertise in optimizing our heater designs; consumers will benefit from lower emissions and maximum heat extraction from their fuel.
  • The ability to use calculation software makes custom or production heater design easily adaptable to given design applications as well as providing predictable and proven performance. Time needed to design or change design is greatly reduced; uncertainty as to results is eliminated. Masonry heaters need no longer be designed by trial and error.
  • Specialized combustion air inlet systems, both passive and with computer control are now available to North American builders with the resulting design advantages possible.
  • Europe has had five hundred years of masonry heater tradition as well as the last three decades to apply the modern technologies to this tradition. We in North America have the opportunity to profit from this experience.

It’s as simple as combustion engineering’s proverbial three “T’s”- Time, Temperature, and Turbulence, with the addition of a fourth: “Training”.

Recap Photos: 
Masonry Heater Firebox Underway
Waiting for the next step
Practicing Calculations
Heater is 75% Done
Rod, Eric, and Andrew make sure everything is in order.

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