If you are interested in masonry heaters and wood fired ovens, please click below to learn more about joining AMHOP. Whether you are interested in building an oven or heater yourself, or are a professional, we offer a unique combination of member education and regulatory support for you.
Masonry Heaters and Wood Fired Ovens are an invaluable asset to our nation's long term energy security, and yet, because they are so rare, and the principles by which they operate so different from that of conventional wood stoves, it's possible that they could become regulated out of existence.
Please help us as we work to keep masonry heaters a viable part of the nation's future, and work to educate consumers and interested craftsman about these proven devices.

AMHOP has two primary membership categories: Voting Members and Associate Members:

Voting Member
Any individual, partnership, or corporation that designs, manufactures, builds, services, or repairs masonry heaters and ovens is eligible for membership as a voting member.

Associate Members
We have, principally, two categories of Associate members. Associate members retain all the benefits of voting members except, of course, the right to vote on most internal affairs of the Alliance. Supplier members are those individuals, partnerships or corporations which manufacture or supply goods and services to our industries. Examples would be masonry supply houses, masonry heater hardware manufacturers, refractory supply houses, etc. Affiliate members are individuals or organizations not engaged in businesses related to our industries, but have an interest in helping us forward our objectives.

In order to become a member, applicants must read, understand, and sign a copy of our Code of Ethics and should be familiar, as well, with our Bylaws. Please contact us for a Membership Application which you are welcome to print and/or copy and submit. You can read more About Us on this website. We look forward to having you with us!

If you have additional questions about membership, please feel free to email us at

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