Who should I talk to about installing a masonry heater?

Simply visit our member page here and select a company in your area. If there is no company in your area, you can contact AMHOP or one of our members and they will be pleased to point you in the right direction.

There's a lot of different stoves out there and builders of differing levels of proficiency. You don't need a builder with the same level of skill to install some of the kits on the market as you do for a fully custom heater.

AMHOP undertakes a comprehensive review of each applicant for a "heater mason" membership, and only those applicants that meet our standards are allowed to carry the title. Who you hire will depend on your budget, your requirements, tastes, and maybe even your geographical area.

You should be sure your builder has the ability to answer your questions thoroughly and competently. If you are uncomfortable with anyone you've spoken to, AMHOP is happy to offer answers to those same questions in this FAQ page, and in direct communication.

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